A Compliment to Jenny.

“Jenny Rebholz is a “value-added” design writer. In addition to providing well-crafted articles, she brings her insights gleaned from the time she spent practicing—as well as teaching—interior design. Jenny first pitched me while I was at Contract magazine. I’ve since learned that she’s also adept at looking at the big (real estate and design) picture including the role of the developer, builder, and urban planner.”

  • Diane Mosher
  • Editor-in-Chief, Multi-Housing News


Jenny has a variety of writing samples available for your review. The following links and PDFs cover an array of topics and illustrate her writing capabilities.



The Mass Marketing of Design

Picturing Great Design: The Value of Photography

Design Software: Investing in Your Future

ASID New York Metro

The Designer’s Role in Kitchen & Bath Renovations, Winter 2006


Health Facilities Management Magazine

Outpatient Odyssey - Ambulatory facilities mirror hospital interior trends, November 2007


Don’t Embarrass Yourself, January 2006

Psych 101, February 2006

Don’t Embarrass Yourself, March 2006

The “Real” Real World, May 2006

Learn, Baby, Learn, August 2006


Sorrentino prefers public art spaces to galleries, January 2006

Gereau finds Milwaukee perfect for her colorful creations, August 2005

Brass Light Gallery brings lighting treasures to Milwaukee, June 2005

ASID acknowledges interior designers for their classy creations, February 2005

Mueller builds up glass blowing with architecure skills, January 2005

Mel en Stel fashions: “The Apprentice” in the Third Ward, December 2004

Ascend Design bends, shapes and molds all over Milwaukee, December 2004

Johnsen, Schmaling find satisfying challenges here at home, September 2004

Flux Designs eager to give Milwaukee a facelift, August 2004

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